Silence is Still Golden

Blessed is the soul that befriends silence and discovers the infinite joy and stillness that it carries within.

Utkarsh Sharma

3/1/20241 min read

selective focus photo of pink petaled flowers
selective focus photo of pink petaled flowers

Silence is bliss. Silence is pure. Silence is sacred.

Silence, amongst all tangible and intangible aspects of living, is the one thing that remains undervalued and under-revered. In the current age of dangerously shortened attention spans exacerbated by relentless violation of individual privacies, it remains the one static that stands still. Unmoved.

Unfairly associated with autocracy, depression and death, 'silence' waits patiently for us to discover the joy that it carries within. Joy that leads to liberation from all existential worries and fears. Joy that leads to gradual shattering of all pretense that has plagued all generations in the past and will continue to plague future generations as well.

Nature, through it many forms, demonstrates the power of silence. The quietude of mountains, the stillness of lakes and the passivity of deserts have the capacity to calm the mind and bring about sweeping changes in the way we interact with the outside world. A still mind stabilizes our emotional state and makes us resilient to the ups and downs of life. The key to achieving this resilience is to embrace silence. The mind wants to escape the the void. It wants to move to the next thing. It wants to act. It wants anything but silence. Hold it. Stay still - just for a moment or two. Wait! Silence will slowly weave its magic. It'll soothe the agitated mind. It'll help the mind discover the utmost joy in nothingness. Live it. Experience it.

Rendezvous with silence will show the mind a whole new world. A world of infinite silence punctuated by words and sounds of existence. Pay attention to the spaces between words and to the silences surrounding the sounds. Feel the spaces and the silences. Discover their vastness. Discover their infiniteness. Discover their joy!