Spreading happiness with a wish

3/25/20242 min read

selective focus photography of multicolored dream catcher
selective focus photography of multicolored dream catcher

There are times when we tend to look back at our lives and regret something that we should have done but didn't do because of our own pessimism or because of it being against the society accepted norms. And now, even that several years or decades have passed, we still are clinging on to that memory, that wish and hoping for somebody to turn back time for enabling us to take that leap and experience what we didn't. Looks like it's too late - or is it?

Minds have rusted, that free spirit is barely there, and time is at a premium. All this, in addition to piling responsibilities and work/life tensions - it is just not justice to expect someone to take up that old wish and believe that he can change his world. But there is a possibility that he may do himself and especially others around him a good deal of favor by squeezing out some time and attention for that old wish. It may be as simple as painting or teaching or writing or playing guitar or taking up a course but irrespective of what it is, picking it up, rediscovering our love for it and experiencing it will do wonders to almost all other aspects of our life.

It is evident that modern urban life takes quite a toll on the quality of our lives. The daily slog at the office, the monotonic routine, endless meetings, unavoidable difficult conversations and the pressure to perform leaves very little for the family waiting expectantly at home. Very often there is no enthusiasm to even fake interest in the most interesting of events - the body may be ready, but the mind isn't. There is just frustration brewing inside, leading to deterioration of our physical, mental as well as social health. It is here that fulfilling the wish will come in handy and act like a soothing balm on an aching back, a sauna of the mind and a magic powder for relationships. No longer will the office feel tiresome, relationships seem uninteresting and life in general feel like a drag. There will be more liveliness in our approach towards all aspects of our life and it just requires spending a few hours every week in doing something we truly wish to do.

Many of us know that the above-mentioned argument is true and are also subconsciously aware of the positive changes that it can bring to our daily lives. However, we still tend to ignore it because of its immediate irrelevance as well as no direct contribution to our career and finances. The key is to look beyond the immediate relevance or profits of taking up the wish and fixate on the regret that has associated itself with us in these last few years or decades. This fixation will bring a realization that regrets eat away an otherwise healthy man and destroy him from the inside. It will also convince us to take control, hack the regrets away and live a life that we wish for and truly deserve.